2013 Water Snake Year

Are you ready for the new energy of the Water Snake Year? 

Time to trust that your process will guide you.

Do not try to control the outcome.

Time to gather your energy and adapt to change.

Discover the truth of who you really are  

Personality of the Year

Along with the Chinese New Year celebration on February 10th, we entered the Year of the Water Snake on February 4th, a year that is said to bring lots of cleverness and intelligence. The energy this year is Yin, bringing in a feminine, more calm and visionary intelligence, along with more sensitive leadership and diplomatic solutions which will help in offsetting potential difficult negotiations around the world.

The Water Snake is symbolized by two elements – water sitting on top of fire, which means they are in opposition to each other, water being in the position of controlling and suppressing fire. With these constraints there is a higher tendency for people to be more impatient and rude with one another. It is important we take time to be aware how we are expressing ourselves, and the impact it will have on others.

With this conflicting relationship we can expect international conflicts and struggles rising throughout the year. With it being a yin year it is more likely unrest will be covert, as water has the personality to be cunning and secretive, and the ability to penetrate anywhere. Outwardly all appears to be relatively calm but considerable tension and hostility can be close to the surface.

What you can do

To counteract these influences seize every available opportunity to guide the energy in a positive direction. Water brings with it the energy of intelligence and innovation to inspire us to create forward thinking solutions. Isn’t this what change is all about? And yes, we are deep into a cycle of self growth to evolve ourselves and the planet. Wood is the element of self growth and the bridge between water and fire. Use your creative mind to search out solutions to challenges as they arise. Notice what amazing insights come out of this process. When you change yourself – you change the world, one small action can create a powerful ripple effect.


For all you romantics this is the year to be lucky in love. The snake heats up the fire to spark our hearts. Time to make sure your bedroom has good Feng Shui. Clear out the clutter, create balance, not too many pillows on the bed, have matching nightstands and lamps on either side of the bed, and color and lighting is important. What colors to use to enhance the energy depends on the location within the home. We will talk more about that another time. Most important, acts of kindness and giving go a long way to overcome conflicting energies.


About the economy, most likely the dollar and the euro will not perform well. Globally China, SE Asia, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil will be in favor.

What will do well is anything related to the travel industry, innovation, technology, and business related to health. Real estate will continue to have problems with supply and demand.


One thing to watch out for is your health. There will be a higher chance for virus and food borne bacteria to grow. Be extra careful with food preparation, wash all vegetables very well, especially lettuce. Also an increase in heart and blood diseases as well as inflammation problems because of the fire energy. Be extra careful when driving and traveling to avoid accidents.


Being a water – fire year we will continue to see more adverse weather. There is an increased potential for warm water and warm moist air to be prevalent this year, a perfect combination to trigger hurricanes and tornados. In addition we will continue to see movement on the planet. Do not dwell on this, focus on what is right in front of you, your life!. These changes are all part of the natural evolvement of our planet as we move into the Age of Aquarius.

Personality of the Snake

The snake is the deepest thinker and one of the most tenacious of the Chinese signs.  He is endowed with an inborn wisdom. Graceful and soft-spoken he loves good books, food, and music gravitating toward the finer things in life. This person generally relies on his own judgment and does not communicate as well with others. He can be deeply religious, or even psychic, even hedonistic. The snake seems destined to clean the slate in this life, is usually intense and will seek to settle all scores in everything he does.

The snake is shrewd, business-minded and can be materialistic. He can possess great mental abilities and powers of concentration. He never loses sight of his goals or touch with reality. In matters of love he is a charmer, no need to say more.                             Pamela Edwards

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