2014 Horse Year Predictions Part 2

Influence of the Yang Wood Horse Year on our Weather


Well, the Wood Horse is a power to be reckoned with and that will certainly affect our weather patterns this year. We are in the cycle of 4 this year, which represents the energy of wind, therefore we can expect lots of problems with wind, be prepared. There will be a higher chance to experience thunderstorms and flooding particularly in the Southeast.


With the energy of the Horse brings lots of fire energy this year. This will make for even drier conditions; a hotter summer and making matters worse, for problems with fires and volcanic eruptions around the world. This is going to take a toll on our air quality. All the spraying of chem-trails won’t help matters either.  Take good care of your lungs.

Ways the Economy can Benefit:


Fire is a driving force to stimulate the economy and investors will regain more confidence.

The stock market should experience a robust year, fire feeds optimism, which will drive up the stock market. This energy will continue through 2015.

We can expect to see further developments in computer related industries.

Businesses that benefit with fast turnover should do very well this year, along with energy companies.

Entertainment and glamorous industries will also benefit this year.

With the fire heating up expect to see lots of competition in all these areas.


We may see real estate prices stay low for the first half of the year, but as Earth energy gains momentum later in the year we can expect real estate prices to recover, along with other related businesses.

Food will be in the forefront, organic and health products will prosper.

Humanitarian issues will get noticed, including rights for people and animals.


Water clashes with fire, this will affect all transport industries. Be careful of accidents with transportation. Follow our intuition when traveling this year.


Metal industries will be challenged such as mining, car industry and financial businesses

Banking will also be challenged as with certain currencies we may see declining value, such as the dollar and euro.


With the fire energy heating up the wood we will see more people fighting for causes and environmental issues. One that we can benefit from will be more attention on education systems.

All things to do with wood energy will experience a robust year, such as textiles, clothing, PR and book publications, and lawyers to sort out explosive temperaments..




The Horse year is known as the “Flower of Romance” year, oh lucky yeah. All things glamorous and romantic will be appealing. While love is in the air literally, you may meet that special someone, oh yeah baby especially if the timing is right based on your energetic life chart. Take time to be thoughtful with your words and tolerant in your communication as this is a combustible year, avoid diving into passionate heated discussions, easy to start arguments this year. So take things slowly and don’t rush into any unwanted situations blindly.

Watch as the year progresses there is the potential for illicit love and juicy sex scandals to be exposed in the media.