ASK THE QUESTION…Are you ready to embrace new ideas and change the existing outcome? In order to accomplish this let’s define what our existing economic progress consists of, how this was created and where it comes from.

The must have’s:

1…Firstly it starts with Who?…it’s you

2…Your accumulated skills and talents

3…Your actions combine to give value…to whom?

4…Is there a desire to change from what is not functioning…yes, no or maybe?

5…Do you specialize as a tradable profession in exchange for money?


Scarcity, we know what it is but where did this abomination come from? Within the old school of thinking we were led to believe what makes life GOOD for us is in limited amounts. The rise and fall of gold values is a perfect example. We bought into the idea and out of this arose the need to compete with whomever, so we could get ahead and gather more stuff.


Thankfully today we have come to our senses for the “Mindset of Abundance” has turned us about face to see the damage left in our wake, with the understanding of never again. We are drinking up knowledge like a thirsty man walking out of the desert. Knowledge plus knowledge leaves us with …..more knowledge. With realization I must ask myself, is this the answer more knowledge and if so then where are the intended results?


So if it’s not knowledge then what is it that makes the difference…fresh new ideas!!! How do you find this, you look for those who are slightly different, dress odd, speak a little out there, and see the bigger picture even though you may not like them. Think about it, you can team up with a million people who you like, who think like you, who have all the preconceived expected educated skills which have the basis for truth but are empty of vision.


In today’s fast changing world economy success is all about knowing who you are now in 2014, not to be founded on your past results, and knowing if you and your team are capable of performing tomorrow. Every business has a foundation and that foundation always comes from you no matter what.  Gain economic success…get with the program!!!


Our “Performance Code” establishes the foundation. Know where you’ve been, who you are now, and the probabilities of tomorrow. Contact to learn more…