Services and Products

1. Feng Shui For Business and Personal Growth

2. Performance Code

3. Business Solutions

4. Blue Dragon Bath Salt Products


1. Feng Shui Solutions for Business and Personal Growth: 

  • Identify blockages in the design of the workspace and home environment that are limiting success and the well being of the occupants. Areas commonly addressed: decline in sales / finances, problems with staff / relationships, lack of control over expenses.
  • Formulate solutions and strategies to quickly produce superior results in closing the gap quicker and faster between your current position and your desired level of projected performance.
  • Create an optimal flow of success energy along with a pleasing look that is in tune with the needs of the business or home environment.


2. Performance Code:

  • An in-depth personal assessment to understand the roadmap of who you are now  in 2015 and the future opportunities that lie ahead.
  • Personal analysis for hiring of management, and employees, plus consideration for investors and equity partners to know who you are associated with, which specifically meet the needs of the company and owner.


3. Strategic Business Planning and Breakthrough Mentoring:

  • Powerful strategic planning that creates a low risk high impact field for exposing new realities to move past existing business limitations.
  • Business Accelerator Sessions to re-train the mind, to eliminate old patterns and behaviors that prevent oneself, businesses and corporations from moving forward.


4. Blue Dragon Bath Salts:

  • ORDER:, Subject: Bath salts
  • 1 months supply: $40.00, FREE shipping USA
  • 3-in-1 benefits:
  • Clear away energetic blockages with our amazing, totally organic bath salt formalization
  • Relax while the body detoxifies
  • Be energized for the entire day
  • Share with a companion
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