Wishing you an abundant and healthy 2015

Get ready to catch the wave of energy, engage yourself in re-setting your goals.

It is a special day to spend some time in quietness, meditation, prayer, or whatever makes you feel good. Connect with the energy of the universe to be in alignment for 2015.

The Wood Goat brings with it the feeling for a more steady paced year, especially after the explosive energy we experienced in 2014.

The energy of the Yin Wood element is symbolized by a flower, or blades of grass moving in the breeze. By its nature it easily adjusts to changing circumstances with flexibility, compared to the unshakeable energy we experienced in 2014.  Therefore we can expect a year with more ease in achieving agreement between conflicting interests.

The Goat is characterized by the desire to be a peacekeeper and trusted friend. This makes 2015 an ideal time for adopting different ways in achieving solutions that build towards long sustained progress.

In spite of this, we are not completely out of the woods, as there continues to be an issue with conflict and disharmony in the world, especially in the Middle East, a hot spot for the potential to develop into war. Politically we can expect this to be a year of corrections and adjustments. Spurring on an increased willingness to negotiate and make compromises that generate treaties and agreements with the potential to avoid clashes.
The Yin Wood Goat year is a symbol for optimism and flexibility for progress.


  • Avoid impulsive actions – stay cool – focus on compromising solutions – remain FLEXIBLE
  • Be part of the positive changes that are taking place to make our world a better place.
  • Set your goals and make a plan to take action, be resilient. This will keep you on track as the year builds momentum.
  • As always we recommend acts of kindness (AOK) and helping others, an excellent way for releasing old karmic patterns, changing ones frequency and attracting the best possible year ahead.
  • Most importantly be respectful to others, to yourself, and to our planet, care for her and appreciate her incredible beauty.

Blessings, Pamela