2014 Wood Horse Year Predictions Part 1



What does this all mean anyway?


Thousands of years were spent studying the cycles of nature and how time influences us in our daily lives. Through this study an ART, a SCIENCE, and LANGUAGE was created to interpret these ever changing influences on mankind. This hidden language was composed in symbolic form by singular and alignment relationships comprised within the 5 elements, the 12 animal representations, and the yin / yang qualities existing in nature. With every New Year these ever changing energetic shifts influence the world in different ways, how we function in our environments, our emotions and mindset no matter how challenging or great our essence of luck is giving us beneficial opportunities.


We, if you are a thinking person, and have now come to realize more than ever, we are all connected energetic beings and like us, everything around us has an energetic frequency, whether it is the desk we sit at or the tree in the yard. With every step, with every breath, we invoke universal frequencies from our surrounding environment subtly onto and into our being, which begin influencing who we are now and who we will become tomorrow. Lets take a look at what 2014 has install for us, shall we.

Yang Wood Horse Influence on You and Me


For those of you who have a personal interest in the goings on in the universe, let’s get some ideas in order. As you go about your daily activities, you may here how great everything will be now that the wood element feeds the fire element (Horse). Not true, in actuality the fire energy is heating up the Wood, so get ready to rumble…… The impact of the yang wood over the fire Horse year will require us to move fast to keep up with the changes in store for this year. The Horse, strongest of all the animal signs is represented by the powerful fire element.


We are likely to see an explosion of energy, as this fire energy is passion and at a galloping speed. On the negative side this can manifest in real explosions, forest fires, gunfire, and future potential problems with nuclear energy. At the moment there are approximately 1,500 active volcanoes worldwide with 34 of those erupting as we speak. With Fukushima already an ongoing disaster we can only hope for the best. Now that the world has its eye on Japan, the reality of this contamination is finality being addressed, let’s hope Japan will reach out for more help from the world.


Yang wood is about strong growth, just like a new seedling pushing through the soil in springtime to see the light of day; there is a powerful force at work here. This brings forth an energy of honesty, integrity, standing by your word, reliability and trustworthiness. The personal work so many of us have been so deeply engaged in will now begin to bare fruit. It is time to live the results of this work.


On the flip side with intense fire underneath wood we can anticipate woods aggressive character to come forth, just like a tree that stands upright and seldom bends down we can anticipate people standing firm and fighting for their morals, principles and causes. Demands for improvements with working conditions and quality of life issues will gain momentum. The difficultly is this uncompromising attitude makes it harder to reach agreements when conflicts arise.


The Chinese calendar is based on a 60 year cycle of time, which means a similar yang wood – fire energy was present in 1954. You can take a look at Wikipedia to find out what was happening then to give you clues for potential situations to manifest.


What you can do for you


We can all benefit from avoiding impulsive actions. Stay cool and try best to find compromising solutions. FLEXIBILITY is the word for 2014.  With your career, set your goals and make a plan to take action, be resilient. This will keep you on track as the year builds momentum. As always we recommend acts of kindness (AOK) and giving help to others is an excellent way for releasing old karmic patterns, changing ones frequency and attracting the best possible year ahead. Most importantly be respectful to others, to yourself, and to our planet, care for her and appreciate her incredible beauty.