Often we read about the many ways to use Feng Shui to enhance our lifestyle, especially regarding the money corners and the relationship corners

If energy is in constant motion then it stands to reason that the energies that were in those corners are still there??? or have they packed their bags and gone on holidays to a new far off location. Obvious becomes obvious when we take the time to look out the window from one day to the next and surprise, notice the environment is never the same.

The common sense approach to Feng Shui reaps great benefits, the dogma of following Feng Shui as a static definition will only lead to a result in stagnation.

Michael WR


When a science is understood and becomes part of everyday life, its not just people who receive the benefit, all environments receive the rewards. Feng Shui is the alignment of a living consciousness that manifests itself into physical form in relationship to all humans on their personal part of constant evolution.


I had the pleasure of listening to Mary Morrissey recently and what a delight. She is a tiny woman with a big impact, she talked about transcendental concepts, about “stepping up to life first, if you want life to give back to you.”

It was very inspiring, she spoke about “advancing with confidence as you move through life”, and encouraged everyone to, “build your life as if you already have it”, and “inspiration without ACTION is merely ENTERTAINMENT”. Being there was most definitely a gift!