The Fear and Love of your Identity



Let’s finally tear away the misconception of who we are and the BIG WHY of just how crucial this is to Start-Ups, CEO‘s, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. How does a person obtain the necessary skills needed to maintain and propel a business up the ladder? And do those skillsets change over the years, I think yes, as well as the “character type” leading the charge.


There is no doubt the head of any organization has to have a range of particular skills. Unfortunately in these times it may not be enough, and we have seen this with the replacement of Steve Jobs early in Apple’s climb to the top. Steve came back and mountains were conquered, WHY? What made the difference in his abilities?


Memory plays a large role in WHO WE ARE. So how does this play out in one’s role as an individual, in our social environment and are we really aware of our subjects (you) role during the performance? The performance being the absolute collection of past experiences developed into a composite analysis of collaborative acceptance when engaging in the present moment. Hopefully also updating the data to acknowledge/recognize our future opportunities.




Every person is born with or from a combination of many aspects, genetic etc. There is also an energetic component that constitutes the exact skills and capabilities that gives us the power to forge our unique path through life. And we now know there are skills which unfolded via our experiences, through learnt behaviors, due to education, maybe following in another’s foot print or if luck had its way, our inherent natural skills came through first to our rescue.


Recently I sat with a relatively new successful company that had hit a ceiling in their forward growth. After examining each birth date I discovered the CEO, Software Designer and Account were all born with natural creative talents being the largest part of their skillset. So who was organizing the direction of the company???


A company without a natural organizer is a boat without a rudder. After saying this, a creative talent that has adapted organizational skills will go far. This is exactly what happened with Steve Jobs. After combining his creative talents with his creative skills, Steve came back to lead Apple to their now elevated position in a very short period of time.


The first relationship always inevitability comes down to the one you have with yourself. It’s emotional wellness that transforms an inspiration, into that which becomes a benefit and gives great value to the needs of others.



So it begs the question, who brought Apple to glory, Steve Jobs or was it his combined talents ??? What I find interesting is, co-operative relationships have become the next big thing for business to successfully make it, in this upside down economy. Let me say this…that is exactly what understanding the combination of one’s energetic qualities is. But when taking it one step further, it is to discover those weaknesses and strengths and then allowing them to breathe so each has a voice in opening the person into “who you naturally are” and what they are capable of accomplishing. Finding one’s skillset is also finding one’s unique purpose or direction, their true depth of character, their skillset identity and there’s more


Let’s quickly look at what is a weakness? We know everything is a form of energy, lets take this weakness energy and convert it into, for a better word say positive energy. How do we accomplish this seemingly difficult task? Firstly by “ADDING”, we define its inherent quality and then combine it with a change agent to transform the outcome. A bit like making a cake, a number of ingredients combine with a change agent, in the making of the cake the agent is heat/fire. The reverse is “PULLING”, we take an aspect of the weakness out/away, problem solved. Example, we are out sailing and discover the anchor is still in the water, we just up anchor, pull it out, and off we go smooth sailing.


We can now determine those skills learnt, those skills educated via circumstance, and those hidden due to life’s experiences and open up the flood gates to let them join with us, once again. What are the side benefits? We learn to leverage our assets which in some cases, the necessary resource, may be outside of you!!! Now entrepreneurs can charge forth with blinding inspiration, good advice, but seek the mentor.


Oh yeah baby this is where it gets interesting. After a reading (profile analyses) every decision you have ever made along with those you regretted not making will come to light. Now you will discover how you arrived at circumstances that forged the existing direction in your life. Now, there is no longer a reason for blame, here is the discovery of a deeper responsibility, here is where all is set to rest and life takes on a new source of energy and you find yourself standing in front of a new helm, smiling, laughing, enjoying the dance, your creation.


So there you have it, in this market you need the organizer (ORDER) and the creative (UNKNOWN) to shake hands and become co-operative team players (BEING RIGHT, BEING REAL).


If this is not possible and you have the creative idea (INSPIRATION) or you are already at the helm (AUTHORITY), find the other missing element (NETWORK) and discover the relationship (INTERACTIVE) that will launch you into the goals/dreams (IMPROVED MODEL) of where you know you are capable of reaching…good luck for we are (COMMUNITY) with you. Your choices are the driving force behind the outcome, which makes you the foundation of the future.


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